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Things to Do

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge (NWR)is recognized as the jewel of the National Wildlife Refuge System because, though small, it offers excellent opportunities to see birds, butterflies, reptiles and a lot of other interesting wildlife! Whether you are interested in a half mile stroll or a seven mile hike, your experience will include encounters with species of birds and butterflies you won't find anywhere else in the United States. The Refuge is open for wildlife-related activities, including wildlife watching, nature photography, education and interpretation. Learn more about the Refuge on the tram, or tower above the birds in our tower overlook. Take a canoe ride or participate in the educational programs that will entertain and educate you about the beauty of this small tract of land that is truly a piece of living history.

Get a listing of all the fun things to do at our Events page!

Map of all trails and wildlife drive of Santa Ana NWR

Map of Northern Trails of Santa Ana NWR

Checklist of the Birds of Santa Ana NWR

Checklist of the Butterflies of Santa Ana NWR