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Friends of South Texas Refuges -- June 2010 Newsletter
  Friends of Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
Friends of the Wildlife Corridor
July 2010

Flooding of Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge
Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) is temporarily closed due to the release of flood waters associated with Hurricane Alex. The Refuge's southern boundary is the Rio Grande which is currently overflowing into the interior of the Refuge and covering all trails and the Wildlife Drive. Hidalgo County expects the flooding will continue for the next 20-25 daysCemetery on Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge due to the controlled releases from dams and reservoirs upstream in Mexico and the United States. Once the waters recede and it is determined to be safe for the public, the Refuge will resume its regular hours. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife (FWS) encourages the public to call the Visitor Center at 956-784-7500 before making plans to visit the Santa Ana NWR.

Ocelot or Bobcat?
There is often confusion by the public as to whether they saw an ocelot or a bobcat. This question is most often posed by visitors to any of the three National Wildlife Refuges in South Texas. Unfortunately, it is also a question for motorists who may see a wild cat on the side of the road that has been hit by a car. To help the public tell the two apart, the FWS created a flyer that highlights the differences between the two species. It also provides important information on what to do if you see an ocelot. Reporting ocelot sightings in a timely fashion is very important for research purposes. It allows biologists the opportunity to gather information, including internal tags and genetic information.

If you see an ocelot (dead or alive), immediately contact the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service:
(956) 784-7520 -- (956) 784-7608 -- (956) 748-3607 -- (956) 784-7500
After Hours (956) 874-4664

Kayaking on Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
Laguna Atascosa NWR is conducting kayaking tours on the Laguna Madre! Great for families, organized groups or anyone with an interest in the outdoors. No experience necessary. Call the Refuge today to reserve your seat -- 956-748-3607.

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