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Birds Being Seen



Want to know which birds are being seen at Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge?

Check out the new eBird Trail Tracker kiosk for all of the latest bird sightings!

What is eBird Trail Tracker?
eBird Trail Tracker is an electronic gateway created and maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology to gather information on bird sightings. It enables you to find out which birds are being reported and where at the Refuge, and to record your own sightings. These observation records become part of eBird, an online checklist program that scientists and birders with Internet access can use to review bird observation information from specific locations across North America, including many National Wildlife Refuges. eBird Trail Tracker also includes photos, audio, video and life history information for the birds seen at the site.

Be sure to enter your sightings at the new eBird Trail Tracker the next time you visit the refuge! And continue to visit this site to find out what's being seen on Santa Ana NWR!

Many thanks to the City of Alamo whose generous support helped secure the eBird Trail Tracker for the Santa Ana NWR.



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