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Thanks to our generous sponsors, the City of Alamo, the Alamo Chamber of Commerce and the Alamo Economic Development Corporation, whose donation made this website possible. Alamo is located in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley. As the Gateway to Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, the City is just seven miles north of the Refuge and is conveniently centered between Laguna Atascosa NWR and the Roma Bluffs World Birding Center, each beingapproximatelyan hour and a half indistance in opposing directions.

The City of Alamo has been a strong supporter of the National Wildlife Refuge System and we hope visitors to South Texas Refuges will show their appreciation by staying overnight in Alamo, stopping to eat lunch, filling your gas tanks or visiting City Hall to thank them for supporting the Refuge System!

For more information about the City of Alamo and all it has to offer, you can visit the following websites.


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